Arctic Friends: Short Collection 1 (pre-order)


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Running time: 18 mins
Released: 2020
Enjoy this extraordinary collection of animated short films featuring the lovable characters from Arctic Friends. The Shorts Collection 1 includes four amazing episodes: Mind the Gap, Love is in the Air, Off the Rails and You Goat to be Kidding me! Mind the gap: Swifty must deliver an oversized package to Joe Goat, who lives on the other side of the cliff. Unfortunately, the box is too big to pass through the narrow bridge. Even with the help of his best buddy, PB they’re unable to get it across. Meanwhile, Otto and his mischievous puffins have plans of their own to steal the package before it arrives. Can Swifty deliver the package before Otto and his gang snatch it for themselves? Love is in the air: an absent-minded Swifty accidentally wrecks the spell of Shaman Goat while delivering a package to Jade. Not one to let it go, the Shaman cast the same spell on Swifty revealing his inner thoughts to everyone around including Jade. Things get messy as Jade also becomes entangled in the spell’s effects and only the Shaman can undo the curse. Off the rails: Swifty becomes impatient with PB’s slow progress on the ABDS package delivery line and comes up with an ingenious method to speed up the process. Things go smoothly until the new workflow results in catastrophic consequences. You goat to be kidding me! Swifty delivers a comical package to Wilfred Goat whose contents are so hilarious, one cannot help but laugh when they look inside. The Puffins spy this laugh box and steal it to cheer up their morose master, Otto. This forces Wilfred to find a new way to turn his frown upside-down.