I am Durán (pre-order)

น 13+

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Running time: 84 mins
Released: 2019
Roberto Durán is a boxing behemoth, a titanic figure straddling five epic decades as a fighter ranked as one of the most entertaining, controversial and finest of all time. I Am Durán tells his story, inextricably interwoven with the story of a nation. As Durán rose and fell and rose again- staggering between glory and disaster, buffeted by the brutal blows of his opponents and of life itself- so did his beloved Panama. A country brought to its knees as a pawn in violent regional and international politics and suffering from the harsh yoke of dictator Noriega's ruthless regime, in its darkest hour Panama needed a hero, a voice, an identity. Durán's impact transcended his sport. Born a fighter, his success transformed him into an icon. But it was his flaws and failures that made him a man and continue to ensure that his universal appeal and popularity endure to this day.