MyiList is a better wishlist for iTunes Movies, TV Shows, and now Books!

A wishlist should be smart, you should get notifications when items on your wishlist drop in price.
A wishlist should be easy, and adding items to your wishlist should be frictionless.
And a wishlist should be social, you should be able to share your wishlist with friends.
That's essentially what MyiList aims to do for iTunes.

Oh, and it's free! That's how we'd like to keep it, that definitely includes being free from ads, go ahead and turn off your content blockers and see for yourself.
While hosting a website and database certainly isn't free, our goal is to sustain this website using just affiliate links to iTunes. That might be a tall order - but we've crunched some numbers and built the service to be as cost-efficient as possible. If you like the service, please let others know. The more people we have using the website, the easier it'll be to keep it going.

Designed to suit everyone, from the hardcore movie fans to the casual viewers. Even if you don't buy your movies/shows/books through iTunes you can still build a wishlist and share it with friends.

A few of the features:

  • An overview of discounted Movies, TV Shows, and Books
  • The ability to quickly build a list of your favorite Movies, TV Shows, and Books
  • Easily share your list of favorite Movies, TV shows, and Books with anyone - a quick & fun way to give your friends recommendations
  • Receive notifications directly to your Mac when a Movie, TV Show, or Book in your wishlist drops in price
  • Filter your wishlists to only show items that have dropped in price
  • Share price drops or your wishlists directly to Twitter or Facebook
  • Supports a huge list of countries and their respective iTunes databases

Who are you?

I'm Michael Hudson, the person who built MyiList. I'm a software developer and a huge movie fan. This website was developed as a side project that has been a whole lot of hardwork and fun outside of 9am-5pm regular work. I have a full time job and I treat this website as the hobby project rather than treat it as a business. This means I don't need to clutter up the site with advertisements. It also means my capacity to make improvements is limited - but I use this site myself and plan to continue developing it for a long time to come.

Even though there's only one of me, I have taken an approach similar to Marco Arment's and chosen to use 'We' throughout this website. For all the reasons listed on his site, but also as a subtle way for me to recognise the valuable suggestions and advice provided by mickles, jimmycasey, and others.