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Keymon and Nani in Space Adventure (V)
Keymon and Rohan are on their way to Nani’s place. He tells Keymon about her being an explorer. After reaching their destination they start exploring her house, and get caught by her but, to their surprise, she takes them camping. Suddenly, they see an explosion, so, Nani leaves to investigate what has happened. However, her behavior after returning is quite different, leaving Keymon and Rohan puzzled. They soon find out that she has been abducted to another planet by aliens. They leave for a space adventure in their a kind spaceship. How will Keymon and Rohan find Nani’s whereabouts? Let’s watch Keymon and Nani in Space Adventure to find out about their escapade.
75 mins
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Kid Krrish - Mission Bhutan (V)
After acquiring the sun dial from Krrish, Dr Para is now on his way to Bhutan to find a Rudraksh that holds the key to the power of Alien technology. He takes the help of Dojo, the terrible, to get an ancient tribal scroll that will lead him to the Rudraksh.
64 mins
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Killing Time At Home (V)
Isolated from the outside world, all that's left to do is kill time. For some, the only way to make friends is to grow them.
3 mins
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