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Houston, 2030: With Proper Legwork
Back in 2009, the beta-readers of Houston, 2030: The Year Zero asked me: Mike, are you sure this 'Meltdown' thingy of yours is going to happen? This year, two beta-readers asked independently: Mike, how do you know it will be called 'the Meltdown'? I have to admit, I have no idea how 'this thingy' is going to be called. Perhaps, 'the Meltdown'. Perhaps, 'GFC-3'. Or 'the Great Depression-2'. Or 'Peak Everything'. Further on, I have no idea if the 'Holy crap! This thingy is here!' event is going to happen exactly in 2016. In Eastern and Southern Europe, the energy crisis is presently on-going (my 'Houston, 2030: The Year Zero' has been a little bit of a prophecy, after all!...
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