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X-15 Diary
<b>The riveting true story of the world’s fastest plane and the first manned flights into outer space.</b><br /><br /> First tested in 1959, the X-15 rocket plane was at the forefront of the space race. Developed by the US Air Force and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in collaboration with North American Aviation, the X-15 was sleek, black, and powerful—a missile with stubby wings and a cockpit on the nose. By 1961 it could reach speeds over three thousand miles per hour and fly at an altitude of thirty-one miles above the earth’s surface—the lower reaches of outer space.<br /> &#xa0;<br /> Acclaimed journalist and bestselling author Richard Trega...
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“I am an assiduous reader of John Casti’s books. He is a real scientific intellectual.”<br />&#xa0;—Nassim Nicholas Taleb, New York Times bestselling author of Fooled by Randomness<br /><br />“Casti is at his best in presenting difficult philosophical ideas enthusiastically and lucidly, and in presenting everyday examples to illustrate them.”<br />—New York Times Book Review<br /><br />In his highly provocative and grippingly readable book, X-Events, author John Casti brilliantly argues that today’s advanced, overly complex societies have grown highly vulnerable to extreme events that will ultimately topple civilization like a house of cards. Like Nassim Taleb’s The Black...
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XFEM Fracture Analysis of Composites
This book describes the basics and developments of the new XFEM approach to fracture analysis of composite&#xa0;structures and materials. It provides state of the art techniques and algorithms for fracture analysis of structures including numeric examples at the end of each chapter as well as an accompanying website which will include MATLAB resources, executables, data files, and simulation procedures of XFEM. The first reference text for the extended finite element method (XFEM) for fracture analysis of structures and materials Includes theory and applications, with worked numerical problems and solutions, and MATLAB examples on an accompanying website with further XFE...
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XML pour l'édition
L'édition vit une mutation dont la portée est considérable&#xa0;: le support papier voit arriver la concurrence de supports dématérialisés chaque jour plus nombreux (Web, netbooks, téléphones, readers...). Pour l'éditeur, il s'agit désormais de publier pour ces supports en tenant compte de leurs spécificités, tout en minimisant les coûts et les délais de production.<br /><br /> Cet ouvrage qui s'adresse aux éditeurs, aux lecteurs/correcteurs et aux fabricants, mais également aux managers qui souhaitent mieux comprendre les techniques sous-jacentes et l'influence du support sur la conception et la forme de l'objet de publication numérique, vise à donner les clés d'utilisa...
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X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, one of the most powerful and flexible techniques available for the analysis and characterization of materials today, has gone through major changes during the past decade.<br /> Fully revised and expanded by 30%, X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, Second Edition incorporates the latest industrial and scientific trends in all areas. It updates all previous material and adds new chapters on such topics as the history of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, the design of X-ray spectrometers, state-of-the-art applications, and X-ray spectra.<br /> Ron Jenkins draws on his extensive experience in training and consulting industry professionals for thi...
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X-Ray Lasers
The first in its field, this book is both an introduction to x-ray lasers and a how-to guide for specialists. It provides new entrants and others interested in the field with a comprehensive overview and describes useful examples of analysis and experiments as background and guidance for researchers undertaking new laser designs. In one succinct volume, X-Ray Lasers collects the knowledge and experience gained in two decades of x-ray laser development and conveys the exciting challenges and possibilities still to come.<br>_Add on for longer version of blurb_M><br>The reader is first introduced to the technical challenges unique to the design and operation of lasers in the...
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X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
This book introduces readers interested in the field of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) to the practical concepts in this field. The book first introduces the reader to the language and concepts used in this field and then demonstrates how these concepts are applied. Including how the spectra are produced, factors that can influence the spectra (all initial and final state effects are discussed), how to derive speciation, volume analysed and how one controls this (includes depth profiling), and quantification along with background substraction and curve fitting methodologies. This is presented in a concise yet comprehensive manner and each section is prepared such...
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X-Ray Visions
a collection of colorized x-rays of natural and human made objects, including plants, shells, reptiles, mammals, electronic devices, dolls, and footware
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Longtemps, la masculinité a semblé aller de soi. Chaque homme devait ressembler à l'idéal viril qui dominait toute la culture. L'identité sexuelle paraissait inscrite dans la nature. Ces trois dernières décennies, les femmes ont fait voler en éclats ces évidences. Les limites du masculin et du féminin sont devenues floues. Et chaque homme, désormais, de s'interroger sur son identité profonde. Elisabeth Badinter trace ici les contours, encore incertains, du nouvel homme que notre siècle est en train d'inventer.
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