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Vacation Guide to the Solar System
<b>Packed with real science and fueled by imagination, a beautifully illustrated guide to traveling in our solar system<br /><br /></b>Imagine taking a hike along the windswept red plains of Mars to dig for signs&#xa0;of life, or touring one of Jupiter's sixty-four moons where you can photograph its swirling storms. &#xa0;For a shorter trip on a tight budget, the Moon is quite majestic and very quiet if you can make it during the off-season. <br /><br />Packed with full color illustrations and real-world science, <i>Vacation Guide&#xa0;to the Solar System</i> is the must-have planning guide for the curious space&#xa0;adventurer, covering all of the essentials for your nex...
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The third edition of this classic volume integrates the idea of balancing tourism with protection of the resources upon which it depends. The text stresses the role of the community, identifies potential pitfalls, and raises issues of developmental ethics. It includes topics such as environmental impact, sustainability, and ecotourism. Special emphasis is given to the growing need for business to implement environmental protection and ecological integrity as an essential part of economic development. The book is filled with many sketches, functional diagrams, and photographs.
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The author, a physician epidemiologist, reviews the history and current status of vaccines developed over the past 220 years, starting with smallpox vaccine. He describes the impact of these vaccines on human health, not only with regard to prevention of infections, but also, in the case of two vaccines, the prevention of cancer.
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Vacuum Technology
Nanotechnology has reached a level where almost every new development and even every new product uses features of nanoscopic properties of materials. As a consequence, an enormous amount of scientific instruments is used in order to synthesize and analyze new structures and materials. Due to the surface sensitivity of such materials, many of these instruments require ultrahigh vacuum that has to be provided under extreme conditions like very high voltages.<br /><br />In this book, Yoshimura provides a review of the UHV related development during the last decades. His very broad experience in the design enables him to present us this detailed reference. After a general des...
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Valeurs et Modernité
On connaît l'hypothèse qu'Alain Peyrefitte a magistralement développée dans La Société de confiance. La croissance n'est pas d'abord fondée sur la richesse matérielle des nations, qu'il s'agisse des ressources naturelles, du climat, du capital ou même du travail. Elle est directement liée aux mentalités et aux comportements, et prioritairement à ce qu'Alain Peyrefitte a nommé l'"éthos de confiance" - disposition de l'esprit qui privilégie l'innovation, la responsabilité et la compétitivité. On le sait, l'histoire de l'Europe occidentale des XVe au XVIIIe siècles illustre de façon particulièrement pertinente cette thèse. Le propos d'Alain Peyrefitte méritait cependant une ...
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Value-Free Science
It has long been thought that science is our best hope for realizing objective knowledge, but that, to deliver on this promise, it must be value free. Things are not so simple, however, as recent work in science studies makes clear. The contributors to this volume investigate where and how values are involved in science, and examine the implications of this involvement for ideals of objectivity.
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Value-Investing - simplified
Das Ziel des Value Investing ist es, Aktien von herausragenden Unternehmen zu vernünftigen Preisen zu finden. Übrsichtlich und verständlich erfahren Sie in diesem Buch alles Wissenswerte zu dieses Anlagestrategie. Kompaktes wissen von Professor Cunningham.
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Valuing Assessment in Science Education: Pedagogy, Curriculum, Policy
Assessment is a fundamental issue in research in science education, in curriculum development and implementation in science education as well as in science teaching and learning.<br />This book takes a broad and deep view of research involving assessment in science education, across contexts and cultures (from whole countries to individual classrooms) and across forms and purposes (from assessment in the service of student learning to policy implications of system wide assessment). It examines the relationships between assessment, measurement and evaluation; explores assessment philosophies and practices in relation to curriculum and scientific literacy/learning; and deta...
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Valuing Climate Damages
The social cost of carbon (SC-CO2) is an economic metric intended to provide a comprehensive estimate of the net damages - that is, the monetized value of the net impacts, both negative and positive - from the global climate change that results from a small (1-metric ton) increase in carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions. Under Executive Orders regarding regulatory impact analysis and as required by a court ruling, the U.S. government has since 2008 used estimates of the SC-CO2 in federal rulemakings to value the costs and benefits associated with changes in CO2 emissions. In 2010, the Interagency Working Group on the Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases (IWG) developed a methodology...
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Valuing the Earth
Valuing the Earth collects more than twenty classic and recent essays that broaden economic thinking by setting the economy in its proper ecological and ethical context. They vividly demonstrate that, contrary to current macroeconomic preoccupations, continued growth on a planet of finite resources cannot be physically or economically sustained and is morally undesirable.Among the issues addressed are population growth, resource use, pollution, theology (east and west), energy, and economic growth. Their common theme is the notion, popular with classical economists from Malthus to Mill, that an economic stationary state is more healthful to life on earth than unlimited g...
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Valuing Wind Generation on Integrated Power Systems
Wind powered generation is the fastest growing energy source in the United States due to a combination of economic incentives, public preference for renewable energy as expressed in government policies, competitive costs, and the need to address global warming. The economic consequences of the relative variability and lower predictability of wind generation are not easily captured in standard economic analyses performed by utility planners. This book provides utility analysts and regulators a guide to analyzing the value of wind generation in the context of modern power systems.Guiding the reader through the steps to understanding and valuing wind generation on modern pow...
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Valve-Regulated Lead–Acid Batteries
For many decades, the lead-acid battery has been the most widely used energy-storage device for medium- and large-scale applications (approximately 100Wh and above). In recent years, the traditional, flooded design of the battery has begun to be replaced by an alternative design. This version - the valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery - requires no replenishment of the water content of the electrolyte solution, does not spill liquids, and can be used in any desired orientation. Since the VRLA battery operates in a somewhat different manner from its flooded counterpart, considerable technological development has been necessary to meet the exacting performance requireme...
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Vamos Topando
“Vamos Topando”, es un libro elaborado a partir de las vivencias, aprendizajes y experiencias obtenidas al trabajar y convivir con los Autodefensas, en el marco del trabajo con la Comisión para la Seguridad y el Desarrollo de Michoacán, así como un año de entrevistas y búsqueda de información, 2016. Describe antecedentes del Movimiento de Autodefensas, eventos y mitotes del cártel de los Caballeros templarios, percepciones y testimonios de 371 Michoacanos sobre la criminalidad de este cártel. Cuenta detalles del levantamiento armado iniciado en Tepalcatepec y seguido por muchos municipios de Tierra Caliente, la Costa y la Meseta Purépecha. El proceso de institucionaliz...
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Van Oerknal tot Oorbevolking
"Van Oerknal tot Oorbevolking" bestaan uit twee aaneenlopende dele:<br /><br />- Die eerste deel vertel die geskiedenis van die onstaan van die heelal in maklik verstaanbare vorm, en wel deur ’n ooggetuie, naamlik Yog, die kwark. Volgens die mees aanvaarde opvatting van die huidige wetenskap, bestaan alles uit kwarks en elektrone, dus weet kwarks alles oor alles. Hulle is sonder emosies en derhalwe absoluut objektief. Beginnend met die oerknal beskryf Yog die evolusie van elementêre deeltjies, atome, gas wolke, galaksies, sterre, planete, mane, komete en ander hemelliggame, tot by planeet Aarde. Dit word gevolg deur die evolusie van lewe op hierdie planeet, tot by sy teen...
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Vanished Ocean
Once, the ocean of Tethys stretched across the world. It vanished just before Man appeared on Earth. Dorrik Stow tells of the powerful forces that created and destroyed a great ocean, its marine life, its extinctions, its impact on climate, and the many clues by which scientists have put together its story, stretching back 250 million years.
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Variational Approach to Gravity Field Theories
This book offers a detailed and stimulating account of the Lagrangian, or variational, approach to general relativity and beyond. The approach more usually adopted when describing general relativity is to introduce the required concepts of differential geometry and derive the field and geodesic equations from purely geometrical properties. Demonstration of the physical meaning then requires the weak field approximation of these equations to recover their Newtonian counterparts. The potential downside of this approach is that it tends to suit the mathematical mind and requires the physicist to study and work in a completely unfamiliar environment. In contrast, the approach...
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Variational Formulation of Fluid and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
This book describes the derivation of the equations of motion of fluids as well as the dynamics of ocean and atmospheric currents on both large and small scales through the use of variational methods. In this way the equations of Fluid and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics are re-derived making use of a unifying principle, that is Hamilton’s Principle of Least Action. The equations are analyzed within the framework of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics for continuous systems. The analysis of the equations’ symmetries and the resulting conservation laws, from Noether’s Theorem, represent the core of the description. Central to this work is the analysis of particle relabeling sy...
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Variational Methods
Hilbert's talk at the second International Congress of 1900 in Paris marked the beginning of a new era in the calculus of variations. A development began which, within a few decades, brought tremendous success, highlighted by the 1929 theorem of Ljusternik and Schnirelman on the existence of three distinct prime closed geodesics on any compact surface of genus zero, and the 1930/31 solution of Plateau's problem by Douglas and Radó. The book gives a concise introduction to variational methods and presents an overview of areas of current research in the field. <br /><br />The fourth edition gives a survey on new developments in the field. In particular it includes the proof...
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Varieties of Scientific Realism
This book offers a comprehensive update on the scientific realism debate, enabling readers to gain a novel appreciation of the role of objectivity and truth in science and to understand fully the various ways in which antirealist conceptions have been subjected to challenge over recent decades. Authoritative representatives of different philosophical traditions explain their perspectives on the meaning and validity of scientific realism and describe the strategies being adopted to counter persisting antirealist positions. The coverage extends beyond the usual discussion of realism within the context of the natural sciences, and especially physics, to encompass also its ap...
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VAVE, un libro per illusi
Per raggiungere la propria felicità l'uomo ha sempre bisogno di un altrove che non sia qui e non sia ora. Che sia il comunismo, il cristianesimo, il positivismo ma anche il capitalismo, l'uomo cerca altrove il suo sentirsi a casa.<br />Vave è un percorso esplorativo della distanza, dello spazio, del tempo e della nostalgia.<br />Un viaggio storico-filosofico che non tralascia l'attualità.
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