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Ma vie d’autiste
«J’avais six mois quand ma mère s’est rendu compte que je me raidissais dès qu’elle me prenait dans ses bras. Quelques semaines plus tard, alors qu’elle me câlinait, je la griffai, comme un animal pris au piège, pour échapper à son emprise.»<br> Le diagnostic tombe comme un couperet: Temple est autiste. Pourtant, des années plus tard, se jouant du verdict des experts, elle entreprenait des études supérieures et menait à bien une carrière internationale comme conceptrice d’équipements agro-alimentaires.<br> Si les mots de Temple Grandin nous touchent, c’est parce qu’ils nous montrent l’autisme de l’intérieur, dans ces manifestations les plus intimes; si son témoignage nous...
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Macachiavellian Intelligence
Judged by population size and distribution, homo sapiens are clearly the most successful primates. A close second, however, would be rhesus macaques, who have adapted to—and thrived in—such diverse environments as mountain forests, dry grasslands, and urban sprawl. Scientists have spent countless hours studying these opportunistic monkeys, but rhesus macaques have long been overshadowed in the public eye by the great apes, who, because of their greater intelligence, are naturally assumed to have more to teach us, both about other primates and about humans as well.<br /><br />Dario Maestripieri thinks it is high time we shelve that misperception, and with <i>Macachiavellia...
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Macchine e mercato
In occasione della morte di Marcello Cini, ripubblichiamo un’intervista da lui rilasciata alla rivista Gaia.
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Die Lockheed F-104G war ein Traumvogel mit Eigenschaften, die die Grenzen der Vorstellungskraft sprengten. Wer den Starfighter flog, konnte süchtig werden.<br/> Der frühere Marineflieger Rolf Stünkel berichtet von seinem Weg ins Cockpit, Ausbildung und Einsatz im Kalten Krieg, dicht entlang der Grenzen zur DDR. Eine packende, nachdenklich stimmende Zeitreise, augenzwinkernd und nicht ohne selbstkritischen Blick auf Vergangenheit und Gegenwart.<br/>
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Mach 3+: NASA/USAF YF-12 Flight Research, 1969-1979, Lockheed Blackbird Spyplanes as NASA/USAF Research Platforms (NASA SP-2001-4525)
This official NASA history document - converted for accurate flowing-text ebook format reproduction - provides a fascinating look at NASA's research program using the YF-12. Contents: Chapter 1: YF-12 Design and Development * Chapter 2: Joint USAF/ NASA YF-12 Research * Chapter 3: Heating and Loads Research * Chapter 4: Propulsion Research * Chapter 5: Landing Studies * Chapter 6: A Flying Laboratory * Chapter 7: Lessons Learned * Flight Logs - includes lists of the aircraft in the YF-12 program, crewmembers, and flight logs for each aircraft. Among the aircraft designs that transitioned from paper to hardware during the high-speed era, the Lockheed Blackbirds hold a uni...
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Machine Design Analysis with MATLAB (Enhanced Edition)
<i>Machine Design Analysis with MATLAB</i> is a highly practical guide to the fundamental principles of machine design which covers the static and dynamic behavior of engineering structures and components. <br /><br />MATLAB has transformed traditional mathematical calculations methods because as well as providing numerical calculations it also facilitates the generation of analytical calculations using a computer. Using step-by-step, real world example problems, this book demonstrates how you can use symbolic and numerical MATLAB as a tool to solve problems in machine design.<br /><br />This book provides a thorough, rigorous presentation of machine design, augmented wit...
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Machine Impossible: Ten Technologies Humans Can Dream Only
Written by an engineer, this book explores some of the nearly impossible technological dreams fostering in human minds. Humans are the undisputed technology titans of planet earth, yet there are certain technology concepts they might never turn into reality. Though we are determined to invent every seemingly impossible machine, certain scientific principles block our way. Similarly, there are some technological pursuits that could cause existential risks to humanity itself. Why can't we invent these impossible machines? And where could this quest lead us?
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Machine Learning in Image Steganalysis
<i>Steganography</i> is the art of communicating a secret message, hiding the very existence of a secret message. This is typically done by hiding the message within a non-sensitive document.&#xa0;S<i>teganalysis</i> is the art and science of detecting such hidden messages.&#xa0; The task in steganalysis is to take an object (communication) and classify it as either a steganogram or a clean document. Most recent solutions apply classification algorithms from machine learning and pattern recognition, which tackle problems too complex for analytical solution by teaching computers to learn from empirical data.&#xa0;<br /><br /><b>Part 1</b>of the book is an introduction to s...
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Machines die denken
De komst van kunstmatige intelligentie is al decennialang een bron van fascinatie en angst. Het is een rijke voedingsbodem voor vele boeken en films, en wetenschappers en ondernemers stoppen er veel tijd en geld in. Dankzij technologische ontwikkelingen van de afgelopen vijf jaar lijken de ‘denkende machines’ steeds meer onderdeel van onze maatschappij te worden. Daarom vroeg John Brockman, oprichter van, aan een selectie van de meest invloedrijke denkers ter wereld: ‘Hoe denk je over machines die denken?’ Steven Pinker, Nicholas Carr, Daniel Dennett, Brian Eno, Matt Ridley, Luc Steels en 189 andere bekende wetenschappers, auteurs en kunstenaars geven kort en ...
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Macroscopic Transport Equations for Rarefied Gas Flows
The well known transport laws of Navier-Stokes and Fourier fail for the simulation of processes on lengthscales in the order of the mean free path of a particle that is when the Knudsen number is not small enough. Thus, the proper simulation of flows in rarefied gases requires a more detailed description. <br /> <br />This book discusses classical and modern methods to derive macroscopic transport equations for rarefied gases from the Boltzmann equation, for small and moderate Knudsen numbers, i.e. at and above the Navier-Stokes-Fourier level. The main methods discussed are the classical Chapman-Enskog and Grad approaches, as well as the new order of magnitude method, whi...
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Mad Science
<b>"Joe Mangano is the constant, tireless voice that has helped keep me linked to reports from the front lines of the battle to expose the staggering risks to public health posed by nuclear power . . . Joe has been one of the most dedicated, intelligent and even-handed public activists I have ever known. He has also proven to be one of the most effective, on a battlefield where gains are measured in inches, if not centimeters." —from the foreword by Alec Baldwin</b><br /> Will Americans once again play nuclear roulette?<br /><br /> Just one year after the Fukushima meltdown, all 54 reactors in Japan have been closed, and may never be restarted. Germany recently closed sev...
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Made in Macaíba
<b>Primeiro livro do Crítica, selo referência nas áreas de história e ciências.</b><br /><br />O livro Made in Macaíba – a história da criação de uma utopia científico-social no ex-império dos Tapuias é uma lição de vida e de empreendedorismo de quem continua acreditando no Brasil. Nicolelis não só construiu o Campus do Cérebro, que mudou o cenário de uma enorme comunidade carente, mas vem incentivando milhares de crianças a estudar, a acreditar que as oportunidades existem para todos. Inspirado no primeiro grande cientista brasileiro, Nicolelis quer abrir caminho para que apareçam outros Santos Dumont país afora. Resgatando a história, ele conta neste livro como isso é p...
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Magic Universe
Magic Universe brings current science to the general reader in an imaginative and wholly original way. It offers an exhilarating tour of the horizons of knowledge, from quarks to linguistics, climate change to cloning, and chaos to superstrings, presented as a set of self-contained stories. The stories are arranged as A - Z entries, but this is no conventional encyclopedia. Each story unfolds in a totally unpredictable way, seamlessly crossing disciplines,<br/> and told in engaging, accessible language.
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Magnetism 101: The TextVook
"Magnetism 101: The TextVook," is a lively, informed crash course featuring eight easy-to-follow animations, that will get you up-to-speed on the laws and history of magnetism. Whether you’re looking for a fact-filled introduction, a concentrated review, or to help your kids with their homework, this Vook has the answers you’re looking for. Dr. Vook, Ph.D guides you through this practical TextVook that will have you feeling professorial about magnetism. Download it now!<br /><br /> In “Magnetism 101: The TextVook,” Dr. Vook, Ph.D, breaks the complex, captivating world of Magnetism into eight chapters that will keep you engaged and help you remember all that you’ve learned...
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Magnetocaloric Energy Conversion
This book provides the latest research on a new alternative form of technology, the magnetocaloric energy conversion. This area of research concerns magnetic refrigeration and cooling, magnetic heat pumping, and magnetic power generation. The book’s systematic approach offers the theoretical basis of magnetocaloric energy conversion and its various sub domains, and this is supported with the practical examples. Besides these fundamentals, the book also introduces potential solutions to engineering problems in magnetocalorics and to alternative technologies of solid state energy conversion. The aim of the book is therefore to provide engineers with the most up-to-date info...
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A comprehensive treatise on the subject of Magnetochemistry. This is an essential textbook for those studying the subject and anyone interested in the magnetic properties of chemical compounds. Sections include: Part I: Measurement and Susceptibility. Part II: Atomic Diamagnetism. Part III: Molecular Diamagnetism. Part IV: Atomic Paramagnetism. Part V: Molecular Paramagnetism. Part VI: Complex Compounds. Part VII: Metallic Dia- and Paramagnetism. Part VIII: Ferromagnetism. Part IX: Applied Magnetism Analysis
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The last thirty years have seen great leaps forward in the subject of magnetoconvection. Computational techniques can now explain exotic nonlinear behaviour, transition to chaos and the formation of structures that can be observed on the surface of the Sun. Here, two leading experts present the current state of knowledge of the subject. They provide a mathematical and numerical treatment of the interactions between electrically conducting fluids and magnetic fields that lead to the complex structures and rich behaviour observed on the Sun and other stars, as well as in the interiors of planets like the Earth. The authors' combined analytical and computational approach pro...
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Magnificent Principia
Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg has written that "all that has happened since 1687 is a gloss on the <i>Principia</i>." Now you too can appreciate the significance of this stellar work, regarded by many as the greatest scientific contribution of all time. Despite its dazzling reputation, Isaac Newton's <i>Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica</i>, or simply the <i>Principia</i>, remains a mystery for many people. Few of even the most intellectually curious readers, including professional scientists and mathematicians, have actually looked in the <i>Principia </i>or appreciate its contents. Mathematician Pask seeks to remedy this deficit in this accessible guided tou...
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Mahomet - Les sciences chez les Arabes
On s’est beaucoup occupé dans ces derniers temps de Mahomet et de la religion qu’il a fondée. M. Barthélemy Saint-Hilaire dans le <i>Journal des savants,</i> M. Ch. de Rémusat dans la <i>Revue des Deux Mondes</i> (septembre 1865), ont publié une série d’articles fort remarquables, où pleine justice est rendue à ce législateur inspiré qui donnait à sa patrie une religion spirituelle, l’unité nationale, et un gouvernement, en n’invoquant jamais que la raison et en rejetant loin de lui cette série de miracles au milieu desquels les anciens cultes ont été imposés à l’humanité.<br /><br />Fruit d’une sélection réalisée au sein des fonds de la Bibliothèque nationale de France, ...
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Maigrir avec la méthode 2-4-7
Vous voulez maigrir, mais vous voulez surtout bien maigrir.<br /><br /> Bien maigrir, c’est maigrir en gardant la forme et la santé, en goûtant aux plaisirs de la table, en partageant les repas avec ses proches. <br /><br /> Bien maigrir, c’est obtenir des résultats rapides, mais des résultats dans la durée, sans reprendre ses kilos. <br /><br /> Bien maigrir, c’est adapter la méthode du Dr Fricker à votre propre cas, à votre faim, à vos goûts et à votre rythme de vie.<br /><br /> La méthode 2-4-7 est une nouvelle manière de réussir votre projet minceur. Elle vous aide à vous sentir en pleine forme et en pleine santé.<br /><br /> Le Dr Fricker s’appuie, dans ce livre, sur...
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