Arctic Friends: Shorts Collection 11


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Running time: 19 mins
Released: 2021
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Enjoy this extraordinary collection of animated short films featuring the lovable characters from Arctic Friends. The Shorts Collection 11 includes 4 amazing episodes: Save the ABDS!, Upside down day, Night of the living snowmen, Ring the alarm. Save the ABDS!: Swifty and PB are lazy at work. Jason Goat hangs up an alarming chart about working performance. PB and Swifty get worried and do everything they can to boost the productivity. Upside down day: Seems like a normal day in Taigasville, but as he goes to work, Swifty realizes that the villagers are acting strangely. What's going on? Night of the living snowmen: Swifty accidentally destroys PB's snowman and pretends like he doesn't know anything about it. The next day he notices he's being stalked by snowmen. Ring the alarm: Swifty receives an alarm clock as a gift, but he doesn't know it's been charmed by Anuk. When the alarm clock goes off, it literally starts hunting him.