Frequently Asked Questions

With so many streaming services available, why buy movies from iTunes?

For us, streaming a movie feels like you've borrowed it from a friend and when you finish watching it, you're giving it back. You don't know that next time you're going to want to watch it that it'll be available. You don't have the sense of ownership and the good feeling that comes with owning your favorite movie. And finally, you miss out on some things when you stream a movie, like the bonus content, the director's commentary, and the behind the scenes footage etc. For us, this difference is important.

Why mark as purchased instead of just removing it from my wishlist?

Marking an item as purchased means you'll stop getting alerts when the price drops. While this is the same as removing it from your wishlist, when people view your profile looking for recommendations they'll see your purchased items combined with your wishlist for a more complete list of recommendations. Plus, while we aren't currently providing personal suggestions to you based on movies you've purchased etc, we think this would be neat feature to add in the future.

After searching for a movie; the details page didn't show any price history?

Thank you! This means you've found a movie or tv show that wasn't yet in our database hence we haven't been tracking it. This doesn't happen often but you can rest assured now that you've found it, its price changes will be monitored.

I see square boxes instead of stars and other icons?

Try holding down the 'Shift' key and refreshing the page, that should fix it. This is rare and we're still not sure why this happens.

The movie was listed as one price but when I opened it; it shows a different price?

While best efforts are made to ensure the prices shown on MyiList are always up-to date, you may still encounter a discrepancy due to stale data if the iTunes price was recently updated. To keep the site running smoothly under heavy load the front page is cached for a short period of time, it will reflect price changes after a short delay.

My region isn't available?

MyiList tries to be inclusive and works across many different regions. If you can buy movies on iTunes but your region isn't available on MyiList let us know by emailing

What does 'Following' someone do?

A primary goal of MyiList is to enable you to share a list of your favorite movies with others. And the flip-side, allowing you to browse movies your friends enjoy. This is where the idea of 'Following' comes from, designed to make it easy to add an item from their wishlist into your own. On your profile page you'll see the people you've chosen to follow and clicking on a user takes you straight to their movie list. You can send messages and suggest movies via the comment section on their profile page. There are future plans to try and offer you better movie suggestions based on the people you follow.

Why are you talking about features that don't exist yet? Why don't they exist already?

Fair question, this website was developed as a side project that has been a whole lot of hardwork and fun outside of my 9am-5pm regular work. I am only one person with a full time job, while this means I don't need to clutter up the site with advertisements. It also means my capacity to make improvements is limited - but I'm a big fan of movies and I use this site myself so my plan is to continue developing it for as long as I can.

Any plans for an iPhone app, iPad app, or Apple TV app?

Yes, expanding it to the iOS is definitely the next step.

My issue isn't listed • I think I found a bug

Please send through an email to if you think you've found a bug! The more details you can provide the better.